The Concept of a Personal File System

This site discusses a Personal File System ("PFS"): a system for a person to file their digital information. This site is written from the perspective of a "cocktail party idea" speaker.

The act of using a computer (in general) for a purpose only materializes as an afterthought if ever. There is rarely a situation where one prepares the computer beforehand, or actively indicates "this is the purpose I'm using the computer now" before actual use. That is the root of the problem of organizing information.

Using folders/directories means "folding N different meanings onto one single, rudimentary abstraction" and it's a shame that this is the only reliable primitive people can use to sort their digital information.

What is proposed here is the need for a common model of "User Agent" (in the RFC 8890 sense) to interface humans and storage.

Disclaimer: You will not find any code, technical considerations, or content aimed to satisfy the needs of technically proficient computer scientists/engineers.

Disclaimer: This whole site should be permanently considered as a "Work In Progress" document where ideas are banged against each other in hopes of producing some sort of spark of innovation that benefits the general public.